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This page is devoted to my patients - past, present, and future.

Thank you for your trust, your determination, your willingness to follow my recommendations, and for giving me the opportunity to help you regain your health! It is my passion, my pleasure.

"Donna, My sincerest thanks to you for your courage, dedication, and motivation in helping Lyme patients in Rhode Island. You are a wonderful, skilled practitioner to whom I'm forever grateful for the gift of guiding me gently toward wellness."
—Social Worker, RI

"Donna, you are on to something! By you tweaking my diet and having me take some supplements, I have been able to regain my energy, and exercise again. My skin has cleared up and the weight is falling off!"
—Nurse Practitioner, NY

"I suffered from lyme, babesia, and bartonella's diseases for more than two years, experiencing a huge number of symptoms (lack of energy, stiff joints, headaches) that were serious enough to restrict my activity and force me to cut back on my work significantly. I went to several doctors, had numerous blood tests, and was given many antibiotics. Nothing had a lasting effect and my condition gradually worsened.

I learned of Donna Zaken and made the first appointment eight months ago. She has a remarkably effective method of identifying my ailments and prescribing medicine and supplements to improve my health. Along with changing my diet and providing me with on-going support (always avail by phone and email), her care has made it possible for me to regain my lost energy and significantly decrease my aches and other symptoms. Thank you, Donna, for all the positive steps you've taken to improve my health! Thank you too for being available when I need you!"


"Donna is a smart, capable practitioner who is dedicated to helping her patients unravel the known and the unknown of complex illnesses. During our work together she has been available, supportive, and concerned. She is not only smart, but extremely curious about healing from diseases."
—Westport, MA

"Trained by ILADS and a devout follower of Dietrich Klinghart, Donna has knowledge of the best of both alternative and allopathic medicine. She is open to a wide variety of treatments in the arsenal to combat complex illnesses and is constantly learning and growing in her practice. I can't recommend her highly enough."

"While the approach may find many Western medicine-minded skeptical, the proof is undeniable. Since seeing you last week and learning what was causing the excruciating lower back pain, my pain has significantly reduced with the appropriate treatment you prescribed. As always, thank you for doing what you do! I don't know where I would be without you."
—East Greenwich, RI

"This disease will sneak up on you. I contracted it while living in Connecticut and didn't realize I was sick until two years after I moved. Thanks to Donna Zaken for diagnosing and treating it."
—(Biotoxin illness from mold) RD, MA
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